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For those looking for a reliable and affordable solution to better automotive lighting we introduce you to our NSSC Conversion Kit.
While it is the lowest priced of the three kits that we offer, it certainly gets the job done.  The NSSC Kit comes with the same premium bulbs that we provide with our McCulloch and VisionPro products.
1-year warranty administered directly by Ultra Bright Lights.


Our Top Pick, this kit provides the most value for your money.
We designed this product using high-grade components from different manufacturers with a goal of supplying an HID Kit for the most critical consumer.
Using our premium HID bulbs and Digital Mid-Slim Ballasts this HID Conversion Kit also comes with premium wiring and the necessary matting connectors for a Plug & Play Installation.
These Kits come with a full 2-year warranty administered directly by Ultra Bright Lights.





Although it is now its newest design – this is the original product that brought us into this industry over 10 years ago. Still regarded as one of the high-end HID kits on the market – it truly passed the test of time and quality.
Fully steel ballasts are perfect for heavy-duty use in trucks and commercial vehicles as well as passenger cars.



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